We're a technology company that creates innovative and powerful solutions to global development problems.

Every line of code we write at YoungInnovations has an impact, which is appropriate, given that our key goal is to increase the impact of the work that global development organisations do. We build products, tools and websites that focus on solving problems by providing tailored and innovative solutions which work for your local context. By taking the time to understand the real needs of your end users, we never fail to build products which will be both used and useful.

Our Approach

We believe in the power of partnerships. We work with you to create tailored, innovative solutions in the areas of data, technology, product and community.



We truly love data. Data can teach you so much when you know how to make sense of it, and our team are experts at making data sing!



If data is at our heart, then technology is our soul. We live, dream and breathe technology, and 'innovation' is an almost holy word in our office.



Ensuring the long-term success of life-changing products requires more than just technical backstopping.



We may be a technology company, but we're also firm believers in human smarts so we don't regard technology as some infallible standalone panacea.

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With a motto of creating impact through innovative solutions, we make sure that we are there to support our clients from start to end.

YoungInnovations was co-founded by a team of young entrepreneurs determined to lead initiatives for corporate and social changes through strategic use of ICTs in mid 2007. Since then, the company has come a long way forward. We have been able to create an impact with our solutions around the globe.

Happy Team=Productivity
Rohel Shakya

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