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Welcome to Family

We are a close-knit group of tech-lovers who work closely together to produce high-quality products we can take pride in. Each day at the office comes with new and important challenges which push us to think outside the box, improve our skills and learn continuously. Add invigorating lunch conversations, guitar jamming sessions, competitive rounds of table tennis and laughter, and you're starting to get the idea of what a normal day looks like at YoungInnovations.

Do work that matters

We work with national, international and supranational organizations whose work is focused on the development sector. Our diverse portfolio of clients mean that we work on global issues from data transparency to violence against women and children. We are a team of results-driven individuals who believe that to achieve the biggest impact, collaboration and innovation are key. Learn more about our projects here.

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Work with creative people

Our employees have broad-ranging hobbies, active social lives and interesting skills which go far beyond the professional. Find out more about your coworkers here.

Become an expert

At YoungInnovations, we expect and encourage domain learning; you will learn about how data and technology are used across the breadth of the development sector and eventually, develop your own area of expertise. YoungInnovations celebrates the personal and professional growth of its employees and fosters this growth through training sessions, mentorship and both formal and informal learning. Because we believe in the power of communication and teamwork, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with incredible colleagues and gain invaluable teamwork skills.

Find inspiration at the 'desk-next-door'!

Each day our colleagues inspire us with their talent and stories. Find out more about your new team members - and potential new friends - by exploring our stories below.

Nirja Gauchan

Nirja Gauchan

Designer II

Nirja is one of those people who is constantly curious and always interested in going above and beyond the scope of a project. After completing her Bachelors from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota she decided to return back to Nepal and work on her passion ie Graphic Design. She has shared her first month experience working at YoungInnovations in the blog...

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Sweta Shrestha

Sweta Shrestha

Sr. Software Engineer I

Sweta had just quit her job at a multinational company when we crossed paths with her in 2012. She was looking for two key things in her next job ...

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Manish Gopal Singh

Manish Gopal Singh

Sr. Software Engineer II (Tech Lead)

Manish joined YoungInnovations in 2015 and just one year later, his skills have propelled him into a senior role. An avid traveller, the only thing he loves more than hiking out into the mountains ...

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