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Catalysing the open data ecosystem in Nepal

Open Nepal

Open Nepal is a collaborative initiative that works to increase the awareness, availability, accessibility, and use of information and data in Nepal, and to build a community of data suppliers, infomediaries and data users to catalyze the information ecosystem in Nepal. The initiative supports a vision for a more open, participative and citizen-centred approach to development by increasing access to information about key development processes, including data about aid, budget, expenditure, public services, demographic information, and much more. We believe that transparency of information, accessibility of good quality data, the capacity to use data, and a sustainable information ecosystem are essential components in improving the effectiveness of all efforts aimed at reducing poverty. Open Nepal promotes increased access to better data; provides tools, skills and support to help analyse and use data; and explores the role of data in supporting development efforts.

YoungInnovations has remained as one of the core founders of OpenNepal. We have been involved in technology development, capacity building and awareness raising aspects around open data as part of Open Nepal consortium. We have even deployed the first ever Open Data Portal for Nepal as part of the initiative.

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