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Adoption of technologies to address the issue of Violence Against Women

Fight Violence Against Women

FightVAW is an integrated platform that uses the power of voice telephony, SMS, web and mobile application to report and address the issues related to Violence Against Women in Nepal. It allows victims of violence to report cases using their preferred medium and get those cases resolved through a robust Case Management System by making relevant CSOs and Government agencies collaborate through the platform.

The platform also houses automated tools to monitor and present news on VAW from mainstream media, map organizations working on VAW throughout Nepal and a dedicated section to share positive stories around VAW.

YoungInnovations together with World Bank and other stakeholders had a first go to explore how technologies can help address the burning issue of Violence Against Women in Nepal through a hackathon in June 2013. The innovative ideas, prototypes and approaches that came out of hackathon have been refined, updated and integrated to develop this platform.

We are not just involved in development of the platform. We have been leading the implementation side of the pilot initiative as a whole in collaboration with the World Bank, Government and CSO partners.

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