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Citizen feedback on development projects

Development Check

In partnership with Integrity Action, we have developed Development Check as an integrated platform to monitor development projects and share results through a global website. The premise behind the project is based on the fact that development projects often fail to meet the needs of communities in war-torn countries as resources are frequently lost or mismanaged. Transparency and effectiveness standards exist but there is often no mechanism to get feedback from the beneficiaries. Development Check as a tool for community integrity has been built to address this gap.

Trained community monitors and civil society partners constructively engage authorities or contractors to ensure development projects are effective. These monitors gather project information on three areas of transparency, community engagement and project effectiveness.

We have deployed both web and mobile apps that allow community monitors to directly report their observation and feedback into the platform. At present, development check is being rolled out across countries like Nepal, Kenya, Palestine, Timor Leste, Democratic Republic of Congo and many others. The mobile version of development check has received Global Impacts Award from Google for the innovation that has the prospect to address a pertinent global issue using mobile technologies.

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