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Making Aid Transparency Work


Aidstream is a platform that allows organizations involved in aid flows (donors, recipients, implementors, etc.) report their activities in International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard. We have developed this product based on the imperative need for development organizations, both in global south and north to be more transparent and accountable.

Apart from developing the platform, YoungInnovations also provide strategic guidance and support to NGOs (large to smalls), who want to use Aidstream to publish their activities into IATI. We have even open sourced Aidstream and are looking to collaborate with organizations in different countries who would want to localize and further develop it as a global tool to promote transparency and accountability of aid flows.

The product has been developed with support from IATI Secretariat and Development Initiative. So far, it has been the prominent tool for publishers publishing into IATI and is already being used across 20 countries by more than 150 organizations.

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