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YoungInnovations presented the Open Contracting Portal in Nepal

September 22, 2014

Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) and the World Bank jointly organized a workshop on 22 September 2014 in Everest Hotel, Kathmandu to discuss the importance of Open Contracting and its status in Nepal. An aspect of the workshop was launch of Open Contracting Portal, which showed a possible method of presentation of contracts in Nepal in a way that makes it accessible and sensible to the public and government alike. About 55 participants from government agencies, donors, media and private sector attended the event. The workshop had the main objective of giving a brief overview on how by working on Open Contracting principles, procurement data can be made more accessible and useful for the public as well as government agencies for policy making. YoungInnovations developed public visualization portal for the Open Aid-Open Contracting project. Chief Operating Officer of YoungInnovations, Mr. Anjesh Tuladhar along with a representative from Aiddata, that designed and implemented the Open Contracting project in partnership with OAP (Open Aid Partnership), presented the portal and explained its possible impact in increasing transparency in procurement data. The workshop was attended by representatives from government agencies and stakeholders including contractors and web developers.

Open Contracting comprises of norms and practices that are adopted to increase disclosure and participation in public contracting that includes tendering, performance and completion. It encompasses all public contracting, along with private-public contracts and donor contracts. The idea is to increase transparency and public participation making contracting a more transparent business in countries.

The workshop started with a brief overview of the objectives then by pilot project summary and introduction of the Open Contracting Portal. Mr. Anjesh Tuladhar gave a detailed overview of the portal with available data from four main agencies, namely, Nepal Electricity Authority, Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agriculture Roads, Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Department of Roads. The portal so far has details on 1756 contracts from 74 districts in Nepal from the above mentioned agencies. Keeping in mind the basic objectives of Open Contracting, the website has been designed to make sure the data access to public is easy. The representations are simple and further analysis using the data is not just possible, but highly recommended. Open contracting data encourages further analysis of the given open data by various agencies and stakeholders.

The event attracted stakeholders who shared ideas for further development of the Open Contracting Portal and the possibility of it working as an integral addition to PPMO.

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Published on: October 21, 2014