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YoungInnovations in Tech Camp Nepal!

Nepalese Migrant Workers have recently come into limelight for wrong reasons. Qatar World Cup has put forward some disturbing sides to the story of 400,000 Nepalese workers who are currently employed there. Ill-preparation and treatment, bad working conditions and exploitation are some of the many terms that we associate with the workers these days. Nepalese migrant workers contribute to almost a fourth of the total country’s economy. These are numbers we cannot ignore.

Humanity United organized a migration learning tour from 27 August to 30 August 2015 to understand migration trends in Nepal. Group consisting of researchers, government and non-government organizations’ representatives and tech experts interacted directly with aspiring and returning migrant workers, members of Non Government Organizations currently working in this issue, manpower agents sending the workers abroad and government officials governing the entire process, to understand real issues of migration. Representing YoungInnovations, our CEO Bibhusan Bista participated in the learning tour and was involved in exploring how expertise and strength of YoungInnovations as a leading technology solution provider can be utilized to address some issues related to migrant workers in Nepalese context.

Why was the visit significant? Because it gave way to Tech Camp Nepal.

Jointly organized by US Embassy and Humanity United, Tech Camp Nepal move through three days of intensive idea sharing and pitching on finding innovative solutions to addressing issues related to migration. Following the migration learning tour, national and international stakeholders collectively brainstormed on how technology can provide innovative solution to these issues. The presented solutions used technology to solve problems focusing on workers at all levels - aspiring to returning workers. The three day event lasted from August 31 to September 2 and saw 13 pitches, that ranged from providing health care services to the workers to mapping of manpower agencies in Nepal. The objective of the pitches was to make life easier, for migrant workers, whether they are going abroad or they’ve returned back to continue living in Nepal.

From YoungInnovations, System Engineer Achyut Devkota pitched idea on how Interactive Voice Response can be used to provide valuable information to aspiring migrant workers. Working with development issue has undeniably been YoungInnovations’ strong suit. Add recent research and development, and the idea to assist aspiring migrant workers, becomes a rich prospect which if put into operation can definitely create an impact.

Tech Camp Nepal brought together tech experts from around Nepal and abroad, enthusiastic about contributing to the issue of migrant workers using technology. The three day event concluded with some brilliant ideas that deserve to be utilized in real life setting. And they will be. Promising ideas of Tech Camp Nepal will be taken forward as projects that will work towards addressing migrant workers’ problems in Nepal. The event garnered talent, celebrated ideas and contributed towards an important social issue with national significance in Nepal. All in all, it was an event that raised important questions and worked even harder to answer those questions.

Photos from the event

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Published on: September 14, 2015