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Open Data Day 2013 & 2014

Open Data Day 2013

Open Data Day refers to the day where citizens gather in cities around the world to celebrate, support, and encourage the adoption of Open Data policies. Participants don’t just participate in Hackathon, Mapathon, Wikithon and Localization Sprint but also become active members in discussing the prospects of Open Data projects in Nepal.

On February 23rd, 2013, Kathmandu celebrated Open Data Day for the first time. YoungInnovations, Open DRI and Mozilla came together to organize the event at the premises of Local Development Training Academy, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur from 11 am to 5 PM. YoungInnovations actively conducted the hackathon which called for hackers that formed teams and prepared visualizations and applications from the given open datasets. Panel of judges were to choose the winners, the first receiving cash prize of Rs. 10,000 followed by Rs. 5000 to the second and third runner ups.

There were eight teams working on their projects from extracting data and visualizing the data to creating tools and apps using Open Data throughout the day. It was extremely encouraging to see how eight teams comprising of mostly young students used data related to Nepal to develop applications that showed true stories in the form of web and mobile applications within a matter of 7 hours of coding sprint. Out of 8 teams, Team Comparison of oil prices - Nepal and India created a visualization of oil price comparison between Nepal and India and they were announced the winner. Team OBudget and Team Social Media and Sharing for Aid Projects were announced the second and third runner ups respectively.

Open Data Day 2013 had 400 visitors, mostly researchers, CSO representatives, students, techies and everyone who wanted to be a part of Open Data celebration. There were 11 Open Data Stalls showcasing innovative projects related to Open Data. Also, more than 40 people were involved in Open DRI Mapathon. Overall, the event managed to bring together experienced and novice techies and enthusiasts who took part in a day of celebration of Open Data. It was considered to be a huge success that also marked the beginning of Open Data Movement in Nepal. Below is the list of eight teams working on their project on Open Data Day Hackathon in Kathmandu:

Mapping of dependent/independent population map (Group Members: Everest, Sushant, Abhibandu)

Comparison of oil prices - Nepal and India (Group Members: Kshitiz, Ayush, Deepak)

Merological forecast data visualization (Group Members: Sanjeev, Roshan, Ranit)

Newspaper data visualization (Group Members: Rohit and Group)

Budget API and various indicators analysis (OBudget) (Group Members: Bimal, Anjan, Vivek, Suman, Nirajan)

SAARC countries indicators mapping (Group Members: Sunshil, Sanjal)

Population and agri-projection comparison (Group Members: Bhabishyat, Diwaker, Punya)

Social Media and sharing for aid projects (Group Members: Anish, Saajan, Prakash, Gokul)

Pictures from Open Data Day 2013

Open Data Day 2014

Continuing the momentum of 2013, Open Data Day (ODD) 2014 was celebrated on 22 February 2014 at the Local Development Training Academy, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Like 2013, ODD 2014 brought together techies, journalists and civil society organisation representatives under one roof, to inform and engage citizens about the open data movement, and to get into interactive open data workshops from Galli Galli, Kathmandu Living Labs and Accountability Lab and student open data projects through Flipkarma, Open Nepal and Aidstream (an IATI publishing tool).

Shedding the light on the program - Mr.Gagan Thapa, Member of Parliament showed his support for Open Data. He explained how the Government of Nepal could benefit from using Open Data to promote active citizen engagement. He shared his excitement in being a part of the vibrancy that Open Data brought that day. He invited stakeholders to work with him in opening up government, starting from a ward in his electoral constituency.

YoungInnovations organized open data hackathon mainly to help the young participants learn tools and techniques to play with the data. Rather than making the platform a competitive one, the idea was to make learning more interactive and cooperative. Around 200 people attended the event where six teams worked on innovative applications related to Open Data.

Pictures from Open Data Day 2014

Published on: August 10, 2015