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Integrity Ideathon II

December 18, 2014

Integrity Action defines “integrity” as the set of characteristics that improves trustworthiness to stakeholders. It is integrity that leads to responsibility, accountability and transparency within our social systems. This is where our partner, Integrity Action in UK has been a global leader in imparting integrity education across the world. YoungInnovations as technology partner to Integrity Action have come up with innovative projects such as Development Check , Grant Check, Integrity Helpdesk, etc. that are all aimed at using technology to foster integrity building in different parts of the world.

As part of our ongoing effort to explore innovative use of technology in integrity building, Integrity Action and YoungInnovations organized a one day hackathon event, Integrity ideathon - II on 18 December 2014 in Lalitpur, Nepal. The motive of this event was to accumulate developers, designers and experts who worked on software (mobile or web applications) that develops among students from around the world, a sense of integrity, civic values, fairness and justice at one of the three levels: thinking, feeling or doing.

The event started with a quick but effective idea pitching session which put forth fourteen brilliant ideas focusing on integrity. Issues such as identification of corrupt officials, integrity questionnaire, child marriage, free medicine tracker, student complaint form, tracking old age insurance and so on, were considered of national significance by the participants. Eight groups later started working on eight of the topics. The teams consulted the mentors who were available for suggestions in the venue and refined their ideas to come up with the simple but workable prototypes in less than seven hours. Following a quick showcasing of the apps and presentation, the teams were judged on the basis of impact, originality, product and presentation.

The second runner up Genius Of the Day put forward the issues of civic sense. It targeted youth, and encouraged them to upload pictures of people who commit serious civic offense. The offence could be from anywhere, either government or public sector. The application discusses issues that concern the society at a very public platform.

The first runner up Integrity Test focuses on assisting students learn about integrity through a range of interesting tests. It also aims to support the existing education system through this attempt of “gamification” of teaching approach. Integrity Test tries to excite students about moral education and integrity values by using technology.

Finally, the winner Hajiri is an application that records the attendance of the teachers and gives information on their duration of their presence in the class. Via mobile app or website, students can give feedback on the teachers’ performance. This technology uses students feedback mechanism and QR code reader to record attendance of the teacher in order to ensure authenticity of the information. The data is presented in the form of charts and graphs. The ultimate aim of the application is to provide the Ministry of Education with enough information on the performance of the teacher. Teacher absenteeism is considered to be one of the major problems in schools of rural areas. This application hopes to change that.

The event succeeded in bringing forth some innovative application ideas and in suggesting implementation of those ideas to the young innovators of Nepal. Mr. Fredrick Galtung, President and Co-founder of Integrity Action, called the event a grand success and accentuated the fact that technology has the ability to bring positive changes. He suggested that the applications supporting integrity as presented in the event have the ability to bring about phenomenal changes in the society. YoungInnovations enthusiastically welcomes both, such events and such changes!

Published on: December 31, 2014