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Innovation with Open Data

September 22, 2014

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) through its Asia Pacific Mountain Network (APMN), in partnership with the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) organized The Asia Pacific Youth Forum and Training Workshop 2014. The four-day workshop brought together more than 40 participants from the Asia-Pacific region engaged in sustainability issue including young professionals, scientists, early career professionals, and youth initiative leaders. The event provided the participants with an opportunity to learn prepare and exchange ideas about issues related to sustainable mountain development and climate change adaptation.

ICIMOD invited YoungInnovations to give a talk on their session entitled, “Youth Energizing Session”. The session aimed at showcasing tech innovations brought about by young startups in Kathmandu, Nepal. The sessions focused on ‘Tools and Technological Innovations’ highlighting the use of mobile or web technologies.

VP, Business and Technology Mr. Prashant Shrestha presented a session titled “Innovation with Open Data”. During the session Prashant familiarized the participants with the concept of Open Data and highlighted the importance and benefits of Open Data. He talked about how Open Data can help in citizen engagement, collaborative governance, transparency and accountability. The importance of Open Aid data and the importance of tools like AidStream for Aid Data reporting were also discussed.

Mr. Prashant also shared some of the work that YoungInnovations have been doing around Open Data in Nepal like Awareness Campaigns, Capacity building, advocacy and hackathons through initiatives like Open Nepal. He concluded the session by talking about how open data can be a valuable tool to manage the effects of climate change.

The event also included capacity building and knowledge exchange sessions, leadership exercises, and excursions to nearby environmental projects.

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Published on: October 6, 2014