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FightVAW acclaimed internationally!

YoungInnovations is extremely proud to announce that one of its projects, Fight Violence Against Women (FightVAW) has won international acclaim. It has been awarded the prestigious World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) Project Prizes under the Category 1: The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development (C1). There were hundreds of candidates from different parts of the world and our project was selected as winner in the category following public voting and a jury panel. The prize was announced at a global ceremony held on May 26, 2015 at Geneva, Switzerland.

WSIS Project Prizes is a unique recognition for excellence in the implementation of WSIS outcomes. This initiative is an immediate response to the requests expressed by WSIS stakeholders during the WSIS Forum 2011: to create a mechanism to evaluate and reward global stakeholders for their efforts in the implementation of WSIS outcomes. It is a contest that is open to all stakeholders - governments, private sectors, civil society, international organizations, academia and others. There are 18 categories that are directly linked to WSIS Action lines outlined in the Geneva Plan of Action.

On May 26, 2015, Mr. Ashok Thapa, Regional Director of Nepal Telecom, received the award on behalf of YoungInnovations in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Prawesh Shrestha, Manager, Community Innovations, of YoungInnovations attended several programs during the forum that lasted for six days. In an exclusive interview with WSIS, he talks about achievements of the initiative, its impact in Nepalese society along with its contribution to WSIS Action Line. The WSIS Project Prizes’ organizers welcomed winners from around the world to showcase their projects in this international event. Mr. Shrestha was a panelist in the workshop “WSIS Prizes Stocktaking Process”. During the program, he talked about FightVAW as he shared his opinion on the importance and impact of WSIS Stocktaking Process which has been serving as a global repository for collecting and reporting on ICT-related projects fostering implementation of the WSIS outcomes for more than 10 years.

Fight Violence Against Women (FightVAW) is an integrated platform that provides comprehensive solution to combat Violence against Women in Nepal through strategic use of ICTs. It provides efficient mechanism for reporting cases of violence, enhance coordination and collaboration among service providers to respond on reported cases and provide one-stop-site for data and information on gender-based violence in Nepalese context. It is the collaborative effort of YoungInnovations, World Bank and National Women Commission (NWC).

This award makes its way at a time when Nepal is facing probably the biggest challenge towards reducing Gender Based Violence post Nepal Earthquake. We are extremely delighted and equally encouraged to use the momentum to bring the social change we dream of bringing. We’d like to thank Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Ministry of Information and Communication and FightVAW partners for the continued appreciation of the project. Let’s Fight Violence Against Women, together!

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Published on: May 26, 2015