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Fight Violence Against Women and Girls (FightVAWG) - Origin and Activities till 2014

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is collectively referred to as violent activities that are primarily or exclusively committed against women and girls.

Fight Violence Against Women and Girls (FightVAWG) is an internet based initiative that provides survivors and witnesses of VAWG incidents with the alternative means of reporting and enhancing coordination among organizations that provide care and services. FightVAWG has five solutions, viz, Your Voice Our Support, Case Management System, Self Help, Stakeholders Mapping and Media Monitoring. Your Voice Our Support is an automated helpline for survivors or third parties to report VAWG incidents via Call, SMS and Online. Case Management System is an online system to manage cases of VAWG that allows service providers to collaborate and exchange information, keep track of individual case history and generate reports as required. Self Help is an android app that equips women and girls with the easy to operate tool for alerting their closed friends and family in case of emergency. Stakeholders Mapping is a searchable repository of organisations located in different parts of the country who are actively working on Gender Based Violence (GBV). Media Monitoring is an automated tool to constantly monitor, analyse and maintain records of VAWG incidents that have been reported in mainstream media. FightVAWG also allows stories to be told under “Mero Katha” which is a platform to showcase the inspiring stories of VAWG survivors who have overcome the challenges.  

FightVAWG is a followup of  Violence Against Women Hackathon (VAWHack) conducted on June 16, 2013 to assess the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in providing tools that may be useful in the prevention of VAWG and provision of support services. The World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), YoungInnovations and the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) jointly organized the event. VAWHack brought together gender experts and technologists to explore innovative solutions in helping survivors of violence along with the agencies that work to support them. It brought together around 100 technologists and CSOs’ representatives under the same roof who developed and worked on 18 brilliant ideas to fight VAWG. Three winners were announced at the end of the day: ‘Your Voice Our Support’, ‘Mero Katha’ and ‘Self Help’ who won first, second and third prizes respectively. Prototypes of these three winning teams along with ‘VAW repo and Social Campaigning’ were taken and integrated to form the FightVAWG system.

Civil society organizations (CSOs) with their partners appreciated the efforts of VAWHack and they expressed the need to follow-up on the outcome of VAWHack because the applications developed demonstrated immense potential to address challenges faced by survivors and providers of support services. Similarly, different stakeholders also showed interest in using ICT in the area of VAWG for reporting VAWG incidents, coordinating response to  VAWG cases, creating database of organizations working in VAWG, monitoring news and data on VAWG and creating a platform to provide positive stories to inspire women and girls.

YoungInnovations was a part of FightVAWG project since its conception. With the support of the World Bank, YoungInnovations integrated the four prototypes of VAWHack to develop single system which handles reports and maintains coordination amongst the CSOs that provide their services to survivors. It also includes an android application. The system has been made more appropriate, flexible and easy where different CSOs can work within same case. Re-victimization issue has also been reduced with the help of FightVAWG. It has made it easy to report VAWG incidents through call,sms or online that will be recorded rather than having the survivors  provide information face to face over and over again. Along with constant improvements in system and application, YoungInnovations is working with the World Bank and partner CSOs to practice the system in Nepal. FightVAWG system, technically managed and coordinated by YoungInnovations, has been currently involved in creating standardised case management system for four organizations namely: SAATHI, LACC,CWIN and TPO-Nepal.

First-look on FightVAW – a consultation

Event date: 15th August 2013, Thursday

A consultation program was organized to share the latest development on the Hackathon prototypes and to gain feedback on the piloting process from our representatives and CSOs. Learn more

Orientation on FightVAW to partners

Event date: 24th September 2013, Tuesday

An orientation meeting was organized with some of the core partners to give a hands on training on the use of the FightVAWG system. Learn more

Follow up on Hackathon – FightVAW – An interaction Program

Event date: 30th September 2013, Monday

YoungInnovations and The World Bank organized a follow-up program to introduce Fight Violence Against Women and Girls (FightVAWG) initiative to stakeholders and to share ideas and get feedback. Learn more

ICT Stakeholder’s Meeting

Event date: 7th October 2013, Monday

The meeting was organized to introduce how ICT tools was incorporated during VAW hack that helped in generating single integrated system, FightVAWG. Similar initiative can be implemented to uplift agricultural field with the use of ICT tools. Learn more

FightVAW @ CAN Info-Tech 2014

Event date: 2nd January 2014, Thursday - 7th January 2014, Tuesday

CAN Info-Tech one of the biggest IT exhibition event had FightVAWG team showcase ICT-based initiative to reduce violence against women and to raise awareness about it. Learn more

FightVAW orientation at National Youth Assembly 2013

Event date: 28th December 2013, Saturday - 29th December 2013, Sunday

Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON) with FightVAWG team organized the campaign to raise crucial youth issues and to empower the youth to take action. Learn more

Sharing program with Outreach Focal Person

Event date: 29th January 2014, Wednesday

The interaction program was organized between the FightVAWG team members and the community focal persons where each member shared their experiences along with challenges they faced in the community. Learn more

Sharing Program with Lawyers and Journalists

24th January 2014, Friday

The objective of organizing this interaction program was to know how lawyers and journalists could contribute towards the issues related to gender based violence as well as to know the role of technology in minimizing this issue. Learn more

Reflection with Partner Organization

Event date: 28th March 2014, Friday

A reflection and sharing program was organized with the FightVAWG focal persons and their organization heads at YoungInnovations Office, Kumaripati on the background of FightVAWG and the improvements that had been made on the system. Learn more

Outreach Youth Event

Event date: 19th April 2014, Saturday

Youth Action Fund Nepal in collaboration with various organizations organized the event to increase awareness on pressing social issues among youth. FightVAW team put up a stall to showcase their ICT based initiative of reporting the incidents of violence against women through pamphlets, flyers and posters. Learn more

Interaction with SSMK team

Event date: 19th May 2014, Monday

An informal interaction program was organized with the team Saathi Sanga Manka Kura, a youth driven radio show that helped FightVAWG reach out to wider audience. Learn more

Meeting with Ms. Janaki Kafle and Mr. Ek Narayan Kafle

Event date: 20th May 2014, Tuesday

A meeting and a idea-sharing program was organized regarding the outreach activities on creating awareness about FightVAWG in various parts of Lalitpur. Learn more

Meeting with Equal Access Team

Event date: 19th May 2014, Monday

A meeting with Equal Access team was organized at YoungInnovations regarding the outreach program about FightVAWG tools through media and communication. learn more

Roundtable meeting with different stakeholders

Event date: 23rd May 2014, Friday

A roundtable meeting was held at Hotel Yak and Yeti to share information on the FightVAWG pilot & to discuss the roles that government and private sector stakeholders play on it. Learn more

FightBack- a self defense class

Event date: 3rd August 2014, Sunday

FightBack – self defense course provided by Paritran which specializes in risk mitigation solution was organised by FightVAWG for the female staff of YoungInnovations. Learn more

FightVAW - Retreat

Event date: 12th September 2014, Friday

A retreat was organized for the FightVAWG team with all their partners for the advancement of FightVAWG system as a whole. Learn more

Workshop with the CSO

Event date: 28th November 2014, Friday

The main purpose of this workshop was to create a standardised case management system for four organizations currently working on VAWG, namely, Saathi, LACC, CWIN and TPO- Nepal. Learn more

Published on: May 8, 2015