YoungInnovations engages participants in Ncell App Camp 2015 feature image

YoungInnovations engages participants in Ncell App Camp 2015

It was an eventful day. Three presenters from YoungInnovations did just what they enjoy doing, sharing their experience and expertise with an audience of enthusiastic, young participants of Ncell App Camp 2015.

On November 8, 2015, Anjesh Tuladhar, Chief Innovations Officer, Anjan Shrestha VP, Product Innovations, and Rakeeb Rajbhandari, Software Engineer shared their experience in front of representatives of 150 ideas that were chosen after the first round of Ncell App Camp 2015.

Talking Material Design

Anjan Shrestha talked about Material Design in his presentation ‘Understanding platform specific User Interface Design in Android’.

Anjan explained Material Design as a concept and then shared its journey since its launch in June 2014. He talked about uses of Material Design in his projects and innovated ways to grip the audience’s attention with videos that were exciting to any new designer trying to work on Material Design. Encouraging young designers to adopt correct typography, elevations and shadows, meaningful transition and delightful details, he managed to excite the audience with the ins and outs of what is latest in designing and what expectations the users have from the applications.

What was most useful about the presentation was Anjan sharing his work experience with the audience. From starting the designing to forwarding the designs to developers and then working with clients, he managed to share the most efficient ways to carry out each step. All in all, the audience took away with them two meaningful experiences - best of Material Design and a real life work scenario where designers design and present their ideas.

Right Product, Process when Time is limited

Anjesh Tuladhar talked about software development and coding efficiently, given the time constraints. He began by sharing how good softwares take decades to develop. But given the time constraints, how can one come up with a good product? Or at least a product that is good for that point of time?

Anjesh gave suggestions on using the right technology for the product. Technology can be overwhelming and the options are unlimited. It is integral to use the correct technology to support the application. He further elaborated Minimum Viable Product and showed the participants the best way to decide on which features to include in MVP - ask yourself one simple question - what if I take it out? 80 percent of the product values are delivered by 20 percent of the features. It is integral to identify the features and then move on identifying 20 percent features in developed application.

There were some interesting suggestion that Anjesh had from his work experience. Much like Anjan, Anjesh shared the work steps that he mostly uses during his projects. He talked about writing good codes that are continuously worked on, especially in terms of quality. He encouraged the participants to have proper deployment strategies to avoid last minute panic. He talked about the importance to properly handling errors so that the users don’t have to see the nagging error stack.

Anjesh’s second session engaged the participants on SMS Based Applications. He started off by telling the audience how SMS might be an option you can choose depending on whom you are targeting as users and what your areas of application are. SMS can be used to request information and services and the system can be used to send SMS with information. He then moved on discussing the mechanics of working with SMS.

Understanding Android Application Development

Finally, Rakeeb Rajbhandari shared his experience on Android Application Development. He talked about the entire process from planning the development process to understanding the Android ecosystem. Topics like supporting multiple devices, suggestions on common operations performed by applications, and to understanding the android gradle plugin were covered to name a few. He pointed out the need at keeping yourself updated with the development ecosystem and how crucial G+ is for any Android developer, or Google developer, for that matter, to get first hand information. Long story short, he talked about the process and ways the participants could work on Application development in Android.

Visit Ncell App Camp 2015 page for the links to their presentations.

Moderation during Seminar

Continuing the inertia, Mr. Bibhusan Bista, Chief Executive Officer on November 25, 2015, moderated Thematic Seminar on category Games & Entertainment and on November 27, 2015 on category Utilities. Thematic Seminar in Games & Entertainment comprised of Biswas Dhakal, Rajan Maharjan, Bhaskar Dhungana, Kiran Krishna Shrestha and Deepesh Paudel. Similarly, Thematic Seminar in Utilities comprised of Pranay Raj Acharya, Ramesh Prasad Lohani, Ranjan Shrestha, Subash Sapkota, Manoj Ghimire and S.P Rabin Basnyat. Both seminars focused on the latest in the respective field with invigorating discussions on what is new and what is working in international market. Participants took with them valuable information and suggestion on what all they could incorporate in their applications to make them better.

All in all, the entire event saw three great presenters from YoungInnovations share their areas of expertise and have formal and informal discussions with the audience. What the participants took home with them were some technology being used every day in leading projects of Nepal and the world.

Published on: December 01, 2015