System Administrator

System Administrator

About the job

Young Innovations builds custom products across several languages - PHP, Python, Node JS and Javascript - for a broad range of clients within the global development sector. As a System Administrator at YoungInnovations you will take up the challenge of ensuring that our infrastructure and systems run with 99.9% uptime. You’ll provide assistance to developers, helping to ensure that they can maintain their focus on delivering high quality products without worrying about servers and infrastructure.

Key responsibilities

  • Set up, manage and monitor a number of linux based servers
  • Set up centralized monitoring and other necessary tools to ensure the integrity and availability of our applications and server resources
  • Ensure proper security, alerting and reporting mechanism for the servers
  • Ensure the smooth running of our internal network and internet by coordinating with our network service providers
  • Develop procedures to maintain security and protect systems from unauthorized use and user abuse
  • Ensure that all necessary system backups are in place
  • Communicate with our local service providers to ensure availability of our servers and systems
  • Support the design, implementation and improvement of our Continuous Deployment pipeline in collaboration with Senior Software Engineers and the QA Lead
  • Assist project teams with technical issues on a needs basis
  • Administer, manage and monitor the company's internal networks
  • Coordinate with telecom operators for voice and sms services and ensure that our connection with the operators is consistent and smooth
  • Coordinate with the local service providers to support our events team with network infrastructure setup during company organized events
  • Automate your daily work with any scripting language you already know or are eager to learn
  • Stay current with technological developments in systems administration and devops technology and recommend ways to integrate and use new technology.

Work on exciting and challenging projects

About you

You eat and breathe Linux. You love to learn and like to tinker with various server-related technologies. You love nothing more than to dive into what’s going on inside the system when an application is running, and help others to understand why their codes are not running the way they should. You thrive in a fast-paced environment and adapt readily to change.

Your experience

  • Fluency in linux systems and commands
  • At least 2 years of server admin experience
  • RHCE certified
  • Experience in setting up local- and wide-area networks
  • Hands-on experience working with and troubleshooting network-related issues using Linux or FreeBSD-based tools.
  • Scripting skills in bash, python or any scripting language
  • Experience with monitoring systems (Nagios/Icinga/Cacti/Zabbix), web-servers (Apache and Nginx) and databases (mysql, postgres and mongodb)
  • Experience with at least one automated deployment tool (like ansible, fabric, capistrano)
  • Must have critical thinking skills in a complex IT environment to analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve problems without management’s direction

Nice to have

  • Experience in supporting Web application deployment at scale
  • Experience in supporting and deploying to AWS based production infrastructure
  • Experience with configuring load balancers and data
  • Experience with implementing automation and monitoring using shell scripting
  • Experience with analysis and system performance tuning
  • Experience supporting issues with vagrant and docker
  • Basic understanding of Kannel and Asterisk
  • Experience with supporting elasticsearch and rabbitmq services


Tailored Career Development Plans

We take your career seriously. We are looking for people who want to join a group of dedicated, curious and hard-working professionals and, once hired, your career development becomes one of our top priorities. Together, we will create a tailored development plan, have regular one-to-one sessions to discuss progress or issues and push you to grow while asking that you help others to do the same. We will provide you with learning opportunities, leadership experience and the chance to grow your skillset in a truly international organisation.

A Learning Environment

As we’ve mentioned, we take your career pretty seriously. After our clients, you’re our Number 1 priority. We want to ensure that you excel, and we look for people who are just as ambitious and dedicated as we are. At YoungInnovations, you’ll be a part of our active learning community where in-house experts (your colleagues!) run weekly Skill Learning workshops and Knowledge Sharing sessions to help you hone your skills. You’ll take courses in areas that interest you - from data visualisation to Docker - and lead others in your area of expertise.

A 5- day Week

At YoungInnovations, we work hard and play hard for 5 days a week. As career professionals, we take our jobs seriously and use lots of brain power from Monday to Friday. That’s normal for us, and we love it. But we also love a full 2-day weekend. We believe that 5 days of hard work should be rewarded with 2 full days of relaxation and a healthy work-life balance; come back on Monday refreshed and ready to go again - full steam ahead! - this week!

Great Perks and Benefits

We believe that when you work hard, the little things should be taken care of for you. We’ll provide a delicious lunch for you every day, cool refreshing drinks in the hot summer afternoons and tea to warm you in the winter. We provide paid sick leave up to the national maximum, a vibrant workspace, frequent Friday rooftop socials along with annual retreats, parties and celebrations! Throw in our weekly futsal, badminton and tennis leagues together with our daily table tennis matches and you have workplace heaven!

To apply

Feel like this position been tailor-made for you? Are you the perfect fit? Tell us why you think so. Send your CV, a snappy cover letter which highlights your expertise, skills and experience, and any relevant links/attachments to your work to our Careers team at