Operations Manager

Operations Manager

About the job

Young Innovations builds custom products across several languages - PHP, Python, Node JS and Javascript - for a broad range of clients within the global development sector. We are in the process of scaling up our operations to meet demand from a growing international client base, which means this role will broad-ranging and highly demanding. As such, you will work with the Senior Management Team on the overall growth trajectory and performance of the company at both operational and strategic levels.

You will work closely with the senior management team to deliver against the identified solutions to our current operational weaknesses and support their long-term success. You will be responsible for managing the logistical side of this change process, and for working with management to ensure there is significant focus on the cultural side of it, all to continue the smooth transition process we have started.

As an advocate for consistent and high quality standards across all of the company’s products, processes and employees you will craft or support defined best practices in everything from hiring to communications, client relationships to innovation. To support these improved processes and standards, you will support the delivery and evaluation of our professional development programs for staff, focusing on the holistic health of the company across everything from product to client to employees.

Key responsibilities


  • Monitor & report on effectiveness of and compliance with change management process
  • Manage project portfolios in coordination with project teams
  • Coordinate with finance team on financial forecasting and financial strategy
  • Ensure the smooth running and cross-integration of all company processes in order to meet yearly strategic objectives


  • Oversee the day-to-day running and maintenance of all company processes and operations
  • Manage all client contracts, client files and invoices
  • Generate and manage employee contracts and personnel files
  • Manage procurement for general office supplies and similar
  • Oversee internal & external communication processes and delivery
  • Compliance monitoring of company policies related to operations, HR and finance.


  • Oversee end-to-end hiring process, including communications regarding job postings and management of senior team’s time
  • Manage onboarding and offboarding for all staff members
  • Manage the implementation and delivery of the internship program
  • Oversee and ensure compliance with our Performance Management process, monitor performance metrics and implement promotions/pay rises
  • Monitor staff attendance and leave and ensure cross-company compliance with HR policy

Work on exciting and challenging projects

Onboarding documents
Comms Strategy

About you

You are a master of operational logistics with a true passion for improving and designing processes, building beautifully functioning teams and transforming companies into efficient and streamlined masterpieces. You have experience in the for-profit sector and preferably show interest and passion for non-profit or NGO sector. Your skill set is broad and multifaceted, with experience in several companies which allows you to adapt quickly to new challenges as well as identify and solve issues quickly. You have experience managing both teams and clients or partners, and display a real thirst for improving the professional development capacity of those you are managing. You are highly self-sufficient, a true business entrepreneur with exceptional time management and prioritisation skills and you have experience facilitating or supporting change management programs.

Your experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Management, Economics or similar related field
  • At least 5 years of experience
  • At least 2 years of management experience
  • A proven track record of excellence with logistics and operations work
  • Comfortable across the fields of software technology and international development
  • Experienced in Client Relationship Management and business negotiations
  • Proven ability to manage and motivate both senior leaders and employees
  • Proficient and comfortable with developing and delivering training programs across a range of topics
  • Experience with employee development as well as scoping and creating effective performance management systems
  • Proven high levels of attention to detail and a clear passion for quality
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically with a focus on the detail while maintaining a keen understanding of the bigger, longer-term picture
  • A proven self-starter and strong self-manager, very well-organized, with excellent time-management skills and a proven ability to work independently to deliver high quality results
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze quantitatively, scope requirements and prioritize deliverables
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills, with a focus on clear and proactive communication
  • Excellent spoken and written English skills - fluency is a must

Nice to have

  • An understanding of Agile methodologies and the processes required to support this style of workplace innovation
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • An ability to communicate across the digital divide, both internally and externally


Tailored Career Development Plans

We take your career seriously. We are looking for people who want to join a group of dedicated, curious and hard-working professionals and, once hired, your career development becomes one of our top priorities. Together, we will create a tailored development plan, have regular one-to-one sessions to discuss progress or issues and push you to grow while asking that you help others to do the same. We will provide you with learning opportunities, leadership experience and the chance to grow your skillset in a truly international organisation.

A Learning Environment

As we’ve mentioned, we take your career pretty seriously. After our clients, you’re our Number 1 priority. We want to ensure that you excel, and we look for people who are just as ambitious and dedicated as we are. At YoungInnovations, you’ll be a part of our active learning community where in-house experts (your colleagues!) run weekly Skill Learning workshops and Knowledge Sharing sessions to help you hone your skills. You’ll take courses in areas that interest you - from data visualisation to Docker - and lead others in your area of expertise.

A 5- day Week

At YoungInnovations, we work hard and play hard for 5 days a week. As career professionals, we take our jobs seriously and use lots of brain power from Monday to Friday. That’s normal for us, and we love it. But we also love a full 2-day weekend. We believe that 5 days of hard work should be rewarded with 2 full days of relaxation and a healthy work-life balance; come back on Monday refreshed and ready to go again - full steam ahead! - this week!

Great Perks and Benefits

We believe that when you work hard, the little things should be taken care of for you. We’ll provide a delicious lunch for you every day, cool refreshing drinks in the hot summer afternoons and tea to warm you in the winter. We provide paid sick leave up to the national maximum, a vibrant workspace, frequent Friday rooftop socials along with annual retreats, parties and celebrations! Throw in our weekly futsal, badminton and tennis leagues together with our daily table tennis matches and you have workplace heaven!

To apply

Feel like this position been tailor-made for you? Are you the perfect fit? Tell us why you think so. Send your CV, a snappy cover letter which highlights your expertise, skills and experience, and any relevant links/attachments to your work to our Careers team at careers@yipl.com.np.